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Eco-friendly Liquid laundry detergent

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Eco-friendly Liquid laundry detergent

│ Product Descriptions │

* Underwear and baby detergent.
* Eco-friendly laundry detergent and cleaning power is excellent nano is a natural person and has a safe detergent.
* The natural orange extract and silicon compounds Is contained is superior disinfection and bleaching power and muhyeonggwang , coloring , phosphate -free , preservative.

│ Company Information │

DooSon is a venture business firm based in Seoul, South Korea, that manufactures and supplies a series of novel Polysilicatesinvented by Professor S. H. Shin of the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department at Chung-Ang University.

DooSon Industries'Polysilicatesare 50 to 70 nanometer particles that are synthesized from inexpensive water glass and functionalized through patented multi-step chemical transformations. These Polysilicates are environmentally safe in that they contain no carcinogenic materials, heavy metals, or other harmful chemicals that may adversely affect human health or the ecosystem.

DooSon Industries' intensive research on the utilization of Polysilicates during the last 15 years has resulted in at least three commercially viable products, namely, (1) a liquid laundry detergent(CleansilTM), . DooSon' current production facility has the capacity to manufacture 8 tons of CIeanSilTM per day.